Bennett’s BBQ in Gatlinburg

What makes phenomenal barbecue? Is it the atmosphere? How it’s cooked? The cut of meat? Well, all of these are potentially true, but at Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que in Gatlinburg, TN, we believe in one thing: It’s all about the sauce. Located right near downtown Gatlinburg and a six time TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence” award winner, Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que has provided residents and visitors of Gatlinburg with some of the most delicious and award winning barbecue you’ll find east of the Mississippi for over 26 years. Bennett’s BBQ has it all!

It’s All About the Sauce!

People always ask: What’s the secret? What is the one thing that truly separates Bennett’s from any other barbecue joint that they could visit? Well, they’ll tell you that it’s all about their own special barbecue sauce that they use to cook all of our meats, and this makes all the difference in the world. They take pork ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and beef briskets and baste them in this incredible sauce right before being smoked over hickory wood for anywhere up to 14 hours. This process allows the sauce to seep deep inside the meat while it cooks, creating a beautifully smoky and rich bite that you can only find at Bennett’s.

Bennetts BBQ Gatlinburg

When looking at the menu, there is absolutely no shortage to the amount of different ways that you can taste how the sauce and method of smoking makes all of the difference. Bennett’s features all of the classics you would hope to find at your favorite barbecue joint: pork, brisket, and chicken from the smoker, full racks of ribs, sausage, and more! And if you’re in the mood for something a little different, they also feature a full breakfast menu available every day, including fresh cooked omelets, pancakes, and even an all-you-can-eat breakfast bar!

If you ask anyone who knows anything about barbecue or about being a grill master, they’ll tell you that one of the keys to making great barbecue is how you prepare your meat, and nobody in Gatlinburg does it better than Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que. With their careful preparation and application of award-winning barbecue sauce prior to smoking the meat, we can guarantee you won’t find a more flavorful or delicious bite anywhere around. Make sure that the next time you’re in Gatlinburg you stop in at Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que, and learn why the sauce makes all the difference.

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