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Mountain Memory Tours

It’s no secret that the Smoky Mountains offer some of the most breathtaking views in all the world. To be able to see them in person will change your life. Even though we live here year-round, we never take them for granted, as they stand tall and majestic in the background, overlooking our favorite Tennessee towns. When you take part in one of the Mountain Memory Tours, you will not only get some great pictures and a greater understanding of their secrets, the Smoky Mountains will become a part of you. Ticket prices vary according to the type of tour you take, but a portion of all proceeds go to the Friends of the Smokies charitable organization, allowing you to do a good deed while making memories that last a lifetime!


Mountain Memory Tours: For When You Don’t Know Where to Start

We’ve always said that the best way to start any vacation is with a tour of the area. It helps you get an idea of what does or does not interest you, and it also helps you get your bearings in an unfamiliar place. The Mountain Memory Tour company offers a choice of three local Tennessee tours: The Smoky Back Roads Tour (3 hours), To the Mountain Top (3 hours), and the combo tour (4.5 hours), which offers the best of both tours combined! The Smoky Back Roads tour offers an insight into the Appalachian folklore, history, and artisans, as well as a glimpse into the life of our favorite hometown girl, the queen of country music, Dolly Parton. To the Mountain Top focuses more on the history and views of the Great Smoky Mountains. Of course, the Combo Tour is a mixture of both tours. Offering photo opportunities (it’s impossible to take a bad picture of the Mountains) and eliminating the needs for any excessive walking, these tours are the perfect way to get to know the beauty and serenity of the Great Smoky Mountains.


Chances Are

When it’s time to head back after your Tennessee tours to your fantastic Cabin Rental Store classic escape at the tour’s end, chances are you will look out the windows to your own view of the Smokies and discover a new appreciation for them, as well as a greater appreciation for the luxuries you may have taken for granted in your temporary home away from home. Featuring luxurious furnishings, high end appliances, and a style that you would love to make your own, our cabins are designed to spoil while still giving you a taste of a camp village in the wilderness. Reserve yours today and discover your heart in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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