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Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg

When is a walk through the streets of Gatlinburg more than just a simple stroll? When that walk takes you to the darkest corners, through ancient graveyards, or is a walking tour offered by Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg! Meeting every night from 9 until 10 PM at 404 Historic Trail, even an unfriendly act of nature doesn’t get in the way of this Gatlinburg Ghost tours company. The show must go on, rain or otherwise, so don’t forget your umbrella. Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg is the first name in ghost tours and costs a mere $15 for adults 13 and over, while children 12 and under are free with each adult ticket purchased, making it the perfect activity for vacationers on a budget.


Stories of Murder, Mayhem, and Tragedy on these Tennessee Ghost Tours

Every city has tales of those who lost their lives in the saddest of ways and are doomed to live out eternity, haunting the places they died and can never leave. Gatlinburg, a town with a rich history, is no exception. Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg tours, led by friendly and knowledgeable guides dressed in period costume, will take you to the spots where our stories began. Carrying an EMF detector (to help contact the shyest spirits), the Tennessee Ghost tours will take participants to the areas in town that are historic and haunted. If you can keep your hands from shaking, bring a camera along. It’s not guaranteed that your pictures will reveal spirits that were unseen, but it has happened before and will happen many times again! A portion of the Ghost Walk will lead you past a cemetery whose first inhabitants were buried in 1830. Don’t be afraid on your Gatlinburg Ghost tours, though; Ghost Walk haven’t lost a Walker yet!


Safe and Sound in Your Tennessee Cabin

This is one night you will truly appreciate returning home to the cheerful glow of the lights you left on breaking through the darkness of the night. Go ahead and turn on more if the creepiness of your night’s adventures is hanging with you! Watch your favorite sitcom on the large screened television that comes standard with our cabins, soak in the hot tub with views that go on forever, or play a board game with those you love most. The family that is scared together will be drawn together even closer, and there’s no better place to do so than in a Cabin Rental Store vacation rental designed for families. Reserve yours today and sleep peacefully through the night; nightmares are not allowed in our luxurious cabins.

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