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Gatlinburg Sky Lift

Everywhere you turn during your unforgettable Tennessee vacation, you are bound to discover views so breathtaking you won’t believe they are real. Take a drive to Pigeon Forge and explore the beauty of Cherokee Lake. Hike the Baskin Creek Falls trails and temporarily lose the ability to speak. Or simply peek out the window of your Cabin Rental Store vacation escape in the early morning hours and be stunned by the sight of the sun rising over the Smoky Mountains. The simple beauty and charm of the Appalachian landscape is treasured by all.

Sometimes the best way to get a glimpse of all the beauty is by going up! The Gatlinburg Sky Lift, located at 765 Parkway in Gatlinburg, offers the opportunity to experience the wonders of our mountain towns by floating high above. Costing $13 for children and $16 for adults, the sky’s the limit on this vacation sightseeing opportunity!


1800 Feet Up On the Gatlinburg Sky Lift

Good news for those looking for Gatlinburg Attractions The sky lift is open year-round, with hours of 9AM through 9PM most of the year; in the early fall you can ride until 10PM, and in the summer it stays open until 11PM. Although any time of day is the right time for a Sky Lift experience, the sunset views are heart-stopping in their fiery beauty. Glide up to the top of Crockett Mountain with a camera in hand, and then glide back down for a second chance at photo opportunities you may have missed on the ascent. At the moment they are constructing a new deck at the top, so getting off and exploring is not an option yet, but may be soon! At night, the lights of Gatlinburg offer romance and charm. Before long, however, new light will be shed on the mountain situation, as a new lighting project will change how you view this Gatlinburg Attractions at night!


The Romance Continues

As you head back to your romantic love nest—otherwise known as one of our cozy cabins—the romance won’t have to end. Start a fire in the fireplace and spread a blanket on the floor; sharing secrets by firelight is just one of the perks you will find in a Cabin Rental Store vacation hideaway! Hot tubs amp up the romance to the next level, while the views from your back porch will have you grasping your partner’s hand as you enjoy quiet moments of beauty and peace. Reserve yours today; your love story deserves to have yet another new chapter written!



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