Journey to Gatlinburg in the Spring

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Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a sight to behold during the spring. Just imagine all the trees budding with new life. The weather grows warmer, and the once-frozen lakes and ponds now run freely. The wildlife found throughout the Great Smoky Mountains now come out of hibernation, and people begin to spend more time outside socializing and interacting. if you are considering a visit to Gatlinburg during the spring, there are plenty of things to see and explore.

Come to Gatlinburg in the Spring to Celebrate Nature

With the warmer weather comes a celebration of nature in Gatlinburg. With the close proximity to the Smoky Mountains, the once snow-covered trails are now blossoming with new life. Now is the time when everyone’s getting out and getting more exercise and breathing in that fresh mountain air. With over 150 trails, you’ll thoroughly enjoy discovering and exploring the beautiful natural scenery of Gatlinburg in Spring. Head on over to the Great Smoky Mountains, where there are beautiful peaks such as Mount LeConte as well as several waterfalls such as the 80-foot Laurel Falls and Ramsey Cascades, which is the tallest waterfall in the park. With the spring weather, you’ll also get a chance to see more of the wildlife. Gatlinburg is known for their wild black bear population as well as elk, deer and wild turkeys. Enjoy the blooming of over 1,000 species of wildflowers with the annual five-day Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage.

Arts & Crafts Fun

With the onset of spring comes an assortment of arts and crafts festivals. The annual Hands-On Gatlinburg Arts & Crafts Weekend is a chance for you to purchase and even take a stab at making your own piece of art. At this Gatlinburg in Spring event, numerous studios are set up that offer a wide assortment of art classes to the general public. You can do everything from making your own jewelry or soap to learning the art of woodwork or acrylic painting. Tickets are required to take part in this festival, but it is definitely a must-visit for those that enjoy art.

Smoky Mountain Wine Weekend

If you are a lover of wine or specialty crafts beers, the Smoky Mountain wine weekend is a must do while visiting Gatlinburg in the spring. When you purchase a ticket, you get the opportunity to sample an assortment of wines from various wineries across Tennessee. You also get to enjoy delectable small bites from a variety of eateries and restaurants in Gatlinburg. You even get the chance to take home a souvenir wine glass to remind you of the enjoyable experience of wine tasting outdoors surrounded by the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains.