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Things to do in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg TN on Your Guy’s Getaway To Gatlinburg

Ok, gentlemen, this is for you and all your friends and relatives that find their life journey is leading them to Gatlinburg for a guy’s getaway! We know you’re excited about getting together and doing the things that “dudes” like to do, but we also know that you may not be sure about all the mischief you can get into while you’re here. And because we want all our guests to have a memorable vacation, we’ve compiled this guide to fun things to do in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg TN and mischief for your Gatlinburg getaway with the guys!


Day 1: A Hearty Slap on the Back

Guys rarely hug guys, but it has been awhile and after a long day of travel from all corners of the United States, a hearty slap on the back is the perfect way to express all those unsaid thoughts and emotions! On your first day in Gatlinburg, there may not be much time to really do anything extravagant, but a stop in Gatlin-Burlier Tobacconists is a great way to start your week of shenanigans and things to do in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg TN. Located at 601 Parkway and offering a large selection of everything tobacco; including some pretty incredible cigars!


Day 2: It’s Like Riding a Bike

Actually, it’s riding a bike as you bring back memories of your youth aboard the latest versions of mountain bikes offered from Climb Works! Providing not just the bikes and equipment, they also include the trail that will challenge you and your friends! Costing $59 per person for half-day passes, this is the perfect experience for riders of all experience levels. The flow trail is designed with berms, logs, bridges, and other “obstacles” allowing you and your friends to make the ride as difficult or as easy as you want it!


Day 3: The Fish are Biting

Gatlinburg is an angler’s paradise and when the guys get together, you’re guaranteed to come home with fish for days! Charter a fishing tour with The Smoky Mountain Angler, 496 Brookside Village Way, and go where the fish are always biting, or venture out to one of the rivers, streams, or brooks that traverse the Gatlinburg landscape and try your luck on your own.


Day 4: Grab a Cold One With These Things to Do in Gatlinburg at Night

Vacations are thirsty work, and when it’s time to grab a cold one as one of the many things to do in gatlinburg at night, Hogg’s Upstairs Tavern is a local favorite! Located at 745 Parkway #10, it’s a sports bar by day and an entertainment hub at night; grab some beers and your favorite pub grub and watch the big game, sit out on the balcony and watch the shenanigans of the people below, or shut the place down with a series of seriously competitive games of pool!


Day 5: Where’s the Meat?

Every guy’s gathering has to have at least one meal that is comprised of meat and the Cherokee Grill and Steakhouse, 1002 Parkway, is just the spot to do so when in Gatlinburg. Serving the simple meals men like with no pretentions, they excel at the art of grilling the perfect steak and their portion sizes are large enough to satisfy the largest of hungers!


Day 6: There is no I in Team

And teamwork is what you will need to escape from the terrors in this next activity! No, we’re not going to kidnap you and keep you and your guys in Gatlinburg forever; we’re talking about playing one of the best escape rooms in the nation. The Captured Escape Game – A Live Escape Experience, located 112 Reagan Drive will test your combined brain power with a choice of two different escape rooms that are both challenging and spooky!


Day 7: It’s Been Real

But it’s time to pack up and head back to real life. We think; however, you have time to enjoy our Cabin Rental Store for a little while longer. Our cabins are designed to be lived in, so live it up for a few more minutes! Use the hot tub on the porch, pop open a beer and exchange tall tales on the back porch or watch a few more minutes of the big game on the big screen; your guy’s getaway may have come to an end, but the memories will last forever. Reserve yours today!

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