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Festivals And Events Journey To Gatlinburg

Vacations in Gatlinburg are accessorized by moments of shining laughter, visions of glittering delight, and experiences that far outshine your everyday life and because we understand the necessity of extra when striving to be your favorite vacation destination, the festivals and events in our fair city push the wow factor to the next level. Every journey here is destined to be a great one, but when you make your journey about attending any or all of these Gatlinburg festivals and events, you’ll find yourself wanting to make many more!


Springtime is Filled with the Promise of New Beginnings

Your journey begins as all good journeys should, in a season filled with the promise of new beginnings! As the flowers begin pushing through our dark earth, bright and colorful, these festivals add color to your Gatlinburg journey! The Improv Comedy Fest and Magic Carnival takes place March 1st & 2nd bringing laughter and amazement to all that attend at Sweet Fanny Adams Theater, while the Smoky Mountain Spring Trout Tournament, held April 4th and 5th, offers an outdoor adventure promising to add a spark of excitement to the fisher people in your life. As spring draws to a close, however, the curtains rise on the best show of the year; the Wildflower Pilgrimage takes place around late April, early May, attracting guests from all over the world seeking the opportunity to enjoy the wildflower extravaganza!


Summer is About Childhood at These Gatlinburg Events

Our childhood journeys may be long past, but we still can’t help but feel young again as the sultry days of summer roll around each June. In Gatlinburg, this is when our mountain village comes to life and the streets are filled with smiling happy people, many of which are here to enjoy the following festivals or events! Our 4th of July Parade is the first one held in the United States; beginning at 12:01 AM on July 4th, the streets come alive with our favorite patriotic event! Featuring floats, high school bands, and everything that makes a parade special, it’s a sight you won’t want to miss, and you won’t have to when you stay in our 4th of July rentals! The Smoky Mountains Songwriter’s Festival in Gatlinburg brings music back into everyone’s lives and will be held at different venues throughout town the middle to late part of August; 2019 dates haven’t been released yet, but we’ll keep you updated when they are!


Fall for Gatlinburg in the Autumn

While every season is the perfect time to visit, these fall events and festivals put the color in our vacationer’s lives! The Smoky Mountains Harvest Festival is a 12 week party, starting the first week in September and ending the last weekend in November, celebrating his colorful season. The streets will be decorated with fall flowers and pumpkin people, everything pumpkin spice will be offered at restaurants and coffee shops, and the leaves on the trees that surround us will add even more color to the celebration. If Bluegrass music strums your heartstrings, the Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival is held the middle of September in nearby Dumplin Valley. For 3 full days, thousands of people enjoy the music of our hearts; along with good food, and great drinks, and even better people at this Gatlinburg Events! The Bluegrass Festival is one of our faves!


Winter Wonderland

As we reach the end of the year, and the beginning of the holiday season, the good times still continue! Winterfest brings the lights, starting the end of November, and Christmas and Thanksgiving Craft Shows held at the Gatlinburg Convention Center give our guests a chance to bring back remembrances of their Festival and Event Journey to Gatlinburg; featuring handmade items from local artisans, they also make excellent gifts for the family back home!


Traveling Through the Seasons Festival Style in your Cabin Rental Store Luxury Escape

Whichever season you visit and whatever Gatlinburg festivals you attend, you know your Gatlinburg journey is going to be a memorable one, especially when you spend it with us! Our cabins are designed for celebrating you, our treasured guests; reserve yours today and start your journey out on a high note!

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