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Gatlinburg Fishing Journey

We see you out there, your favorite cap perched jauntily on your head, your fingers calloused and scarred from tying lures, and your eyes always on the latest weather reports; is today going to be the day you find THE spot the fish are biting? Even your vacations revolve around the best times and best places to spend every day dropping lines; your obsession is fishing and you don’t care who knows it! As you prepare for your angler’s delight journey to Gatlinburg (we can also see that you have good taste in vacation destinations from over here!) we’ve compiled this Gatlinburg fishing guide to your dream vacation!


Day 1: The Gatlinburg Fishing Journey Begins

You’re looking pretty tired and you have an early start tomorrow, so today is about discovering the amenities in your cabin, preparing for tomorrow’s adventure, and getting some rest. If you haven’t done the research already, this is the perfect time to check out the need for fishing permits or pick up some last-minute necessities from Smoky Mountain Anglers, 469 Brookside Village Way.


Day 2: Let’s Drown Some Worms!

It can be difficult to find the best fishing in Gatlinburg spots when you don’t know the area, so taking a guided trip can solve this problem. Once you get an idea of the waters and the countryside, you can venture out on your own, but during your first days in Gatlinburg, we suggest booking a trip with Rocky Top Outfitter and because all trips come with the guide, equipment, tackle, and bait, you can leave your poles at the cabin!


Day 3: Still Learning Your Way Around?

Check out the trips Smoky Mountain Anglers offers; we like to think having a variety of choices is a good thing and the guided tours offered by Smoky Mountain Anglers are designed to ensure you catch as many fish as is permitted by Tennessee state laws! Featuring specialty fishing in Gatlinburg trips, float trips, and wading trips, the most difficult part of your day will be figuring out which type of tour you want to partake in. Pricing information can be found on their site.


Day 4: Solo Journeys

Fishing with a group of people can be fun, but the dedicated angler prefers to pit his wits against nature on his own and today is the day you venture out for your first solo journey! LeConte Creek, located just a few minutes outside Gatlinburg (just off Cherokee Orchard Road) is loaded with rainbow and brook trout and surrounded by the peace and quiet of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s not hard to find this creek and when you do, don’t be surprised if you find yourself lingering; the fishing is almost secondary to the peace you will find in your soul!


Day 5: Got Kids?

Those father/son/daughter bonding moments are important, but you may not want to trek out into the wilderness with children in tow; enter stage left, Herbert Holt Park. Located inside the city limits of Gatlinburg, this park is a children’s only fishing spot, allowing you one on one time to enhance your child’s fishing skills.


Day 6: Time Flies and Fly-Fishing Stops Time

As you near the end of your angler’s delight journey, you may be wishing for time to stand still and while we can’t help you there, we can slow it down a bit with a trip to nearby Townsend Tennessee and the fly-fishing paradise of Little River! It’s about a 45 minute trip from Gatlinburg, but when you start reeling in the prize, you’ll be glad you found your way here!


Day 7: Cram a Quick Trip In

Mynatt Park, also in Gatlinburg, is more than likely located not far from your Cabin Rental Store Cabin. Grab the kids and let them try their luck one more time before it’s time to pack up and go home! You’re going to miss our comfortable and luxurious vacation homes away from home, but the memories you made here will last forever! Stop dreaming and start doing; reserve yours today and take the first step in your journey!

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