Don’t you love falling in love with that something new you couldn’t wait to try? From new meals at your favorite restaurants to something altogether new in your vacation getaway, successfully getting out of our comfort zones makes us feel as if we have accomplished something extraordinary! And whether this is your first visit to Gatlinburg or your 100th, this guide to our favorite new restaurants in Gatlinburg will keep you firmly entrenched in the excitement zone and your taste buds will thank you!


New Restaurants in Gatlinburg – The Flavor of the Sea

Although the sea is just over 350 miles from Gatlinburg, the seafood you taste at Chesapeake’s, one of our town’s new restaurants in Gatlinburg, will taste as fresh and sweet as if you caught it yourself! Opening soon and located at 437 Parkway, we couldn’t be more excited about these new restaurants in Gatlinburg if we were opening them ourselves! Offering an extensive brunch menu and exciting wine list in addition to its standard lunch and dinner menu, Chesapeake’s is guaranteed to add something special to your Gatlinburg Getaway!


The Flavor of Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when you visit The Smoky Mountains, your options are numerous, with Brick and Spoon, located in nearby Pigeon Forge, being one of our newest favorites! Offering an extra special Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar and morning starters of every flavor imaginable, this new, soon-to-be-hot-spot is perfect for families with varied tastes and adventurous palates!


The Flavor of Fun

The best meals are never just about food. The atmosphere can be just as important as the taste, and Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Gatlinburg offers the best of both worlds! Located at 511 Parkway and serving a menu jam packed with the comfort foods of the region, it’s the up and coming musicians performing their hearts out on stage that will make this new spot your new favorite! Proving that Blake Shelton is as good at discovering future superstars as he is at performing, Ole Red is bound to be around for a long, long time—especially once everyone has their first bite of the champagne fried chicken! This is definitely one of the best new restaurants in Gatlinburg!


The Cabin Rental Store Has What You Need

Your favorite flavors may just be the ones you whip up yourself in the fully equipped kitchen of your Cabin Rental Store vacation escape! Offering cheerful spots designed to inspire creativity, our homes promise to be the highlight of your already extraordinary Gatlinburg getaway. Reserve yours today!