We don’t know about you, but the way we’ve spent the last few months is NOT the way we we’d hoped 2020 would go. From toilet paper and coin shortages to invasive hornets and weird seeds being mailed from other countries, no one could have predicted the upheaval our world is going through. But things have changed, and while we wish it could be different, the chance we’ve had to spend more time with our kids while working home has made it all bearable. But were you aware that your telecommuting could be performed from ANY home that has internet? Now that we’ve made you aware of the possibilities, this guide to enjoying a vacation in Tennessee while working remote will ensure you take advantage of every minute of your working vacation to Gatlinburg!


Luxury and Comfort

Your own home is perfectly wonderful, but after the year you’ve just had, don’t you deserve a little extra comfort and a whole lot more luxury? The Cabin Rental Store aims to please, and our cabins offer the perfect spots to sleep, work, and play! Spread out your papers and equipment on the dining room table and work diligently as you sip coffee brewed in our fully equipped kitchens, or bring your work outside, enjoying the natural beauty of the Tennessee landscape as you have meetings via Zoom or discuss the merits of bringing on new employees with your coworkers. Families traveling with children can set up a classroom in a spare room, keeping up with their studies via Chromebooks or learning new skills as home schooling parents create a unit on Tennessee history.

Lunches delivered from local diners offers the perfect break in the middle of the day, and when the clock strikes 5PM, it’s time to explore! Summer days are long ones, so there will still be time for a quick hike along the Laurel Falls trails. Dinners can be raucous and rowdy, created in our fully equipped kitchens, or filled with laughter and long pauses while enjoying the epicurean delights of our restaurants. During pandemic times we can never guarantee which restaurants will be open for dining in, but most offer takeout or even contact-free delivery.


Weekends Are Wonderful When You Vacation to Gatlinburg

On the weekends when each day feels like a gift you can’t wait to unwrap, you get to choose how you want to fill the minutes. Take scenic drives through the Smoky Mountains, spend afternoons lounging in the park, or explore the luxury amenities in your Cabin Rental Store mountain escape. It doesn’t matter how you spend each day as long as you know that each night will be spent in comfort and style. Reserve your stay with us today!