The early part of the year can be a bit slow compared to the end of the previous year. The holidays are over, the weather is gray and cold, and most people have nothing to look forward to until it’s time for their annual summer vacation. But you are not like most people. You recognize the opportunity that comes with the earliest part of the new year, and you’ve come up with a plan to combat the blues. You, treasured guest, have chosen this early part of the new decade to visit Gatlinburg, knowing that you can count on us at The Cabin Rental Store to offer up some fun events to keep you entertained. And you were right! Following this guide to early 2020 events in Gatlinburg guarantees that you will be starting off the new year in the very best of ways!


Gatlinburg Winter Magic Trolley Ride of Lights, January 18th

Even if Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean that all the magic has left the mountains. The colorful lights look so pretty against the snow and mountain backdrop; we leave them up a little longer than you would expect, and you can see them all when you climb aboard our specially designed trolleys! Say one last hurrah for Christmas and enjoy the beauty without having to fight the crowds.


Winter Heritage Festival, January 24th and 25th

Winter in Gatlinburg is a special time for us, and we love to celebrate it with this special festival held at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center. For two days every year, you can learn all about the history of our unique hometown with presentations given by local historians. Discover the stories behind the scenes of Myer’s Cemetery, learn about the Cherokee presence in the area and how misguided settlers chased them away, and enjoy the sounds of two of our own singing the songs of the area. A cast iron lunch costing only $10 is offered on Saturday, allowing guests to enjoy a taste of the town; beans, greens, cornbread, cobbler, and a drink is what’s being served.


Rose Glen Festival, February 22nd

The Sevierville Convention Center, located at 202 Gist Creeks Road in Sevierville, plays host to an event we in Gatlinburg anxiously await each year. The pinch of Christmas shopping beyond our budgets has been forgotten and the joy of finding treasures both old and new gets our hearts beating faster! Antique stores, flea markets and local galleries come together to feature their best products in this exciting festival; guests who have visited before know to pack light and take advantage of the laundry rooms in our beautiful cabins, leaving plenty of room in their suitcases for the treasures found at the Rose Glen Festival!


Winter Wonderland and Events in Gatlinburg

The charming beauty of our luxurious cabins shines even brighter against the snowy landscape that is Gatlinburg in the winter. Reserve your stay with us today and enjoy these events in Gatlinburg!