The first half of 2020 has definitely not turned out the way we thought it might, as the pandemic changes the way we live our lives. The good news is that many of us used our self-quarantine time to research vacations we would take when the world borders began to reopen, and if your thoughts, dreams, and plans are leading you to Gatlinburg, we thought we would take a few moments and tell you why the Cabin Rental Store is the only place you should consider for your Gatlinburg vacation accommodations! 


Sanitized for Your Safety on Your Next Gatlinburg Vacation

The pandemic has taught us a lot, including the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting and knowing when you need to do one or the other (or both!), but it has also shown us the importance of having our own spaces, and that includes while traveling. You could stay in a cramped and sterile hotel room, but why would you want to when the Cabin Rental Store offers properties that are spacious, stylish, and sanitized for your health? From the linens on the bed to the throws on the sofas, furnishings, appliances big and small, and electronics, every inch of every surface has been cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected! Even our housekeeping staff wears masks, disposable gloves, and is instructed to sanitize and clean whatever devices they may be using to get their boogie on while preparing the property between uses. Upon your arrival, you can turn on all the lights, channel surf with the remote controls, and turn the air conditioning down to artic temps without fear, knowing we’ve paid attention to these areas in the home as well. Sit out on the back deck on sanitized deck chairs and enjoy a glass of wine as the sun sets over the Tennessee landscape, content in the understanding that we’ve made this area safe for your health as well. Every night, as you shut the rest of the world out with the closing of your bedroom door, you can sleep deeply and dream of all the adventures you will face during your Gatlinburg explorations with no fear, no worries, and no insecurities.


Become a Part of the Cabin Rental Store Family

Our rental properties aren’t just places for strangers to stay; they are homes for families to live in, albeit only temporarily, and every guest that stays with us becomes a part of OUR family! Reserve yours today and join in the fun.