In our minds, there are two types of people in the world: those who are morning people, waking each day with a smile on their face and a pep in their step, and those who drink coffee! Coffee drinkers should not be spoken to until that first sip of coffee hits their system, and if somehow something delays their coffee, the rest of the world should run away, FAST! When traveling to someplace new, the first thing coffee fanatics do is scope out the area for the nearest and best places to feed their addiction, but when staying in one of The Cabin Rental Store’s vacation escapes, we do the hard work for you with this guide to the best coffee shops in Gatlinburg! Happy sipping, friends, happy sipping!


One of the Best Coffee Shops in Gatlinburg: Coffee & Company, 634 Parkway #13

When your first name IS coffee, you have to expect that the drinks they serve will be stellar, and after nearly 25 years in business, Coffee & Company is the proof! Serving gourmet brews with names that sound as delicious as they taste (Kentucky Bourbon, Chocolate Truffle, and Snickerdoodle, just to name a few!), their beans are sold by the bag, so you can enjoy your favorite beverage in the comfort of your cozy cabin! They also sell K-Cups and have a strong online presence, so you never have to be without your favorite brew! This is definitely one of the best coffee shops in Gatlinburg!


The Coffee Shack, 610 Parkway

The best way to get really good at something is to focus on just that one thing, and The Coffee Shack has mastered the art of coffee like a boss! Selling from a window in Gatlinburg and only offering outside seating, they sell coffee that tastes great and costs less than some other “designer” coffee chains, allowing you to take the strain off a tight vacation budget!


Burg Coffees, Inc., 716 Parkway

We’re starting to feel as if Parkway should be renamed Coffee Way, as most of the best coffee shops in town can be found along its paved streets! Burg Coffees is one of our favorites, located in a colorful shop that is both welcoming and warm and offering tasty pastries to accompany that cuppa we all crave!


Your Cabin Rental Store Cozy Escape

Nearly all the best coffee shops in Gatlinburg sell beans by the bag, so why not pick up a bag of your new favorite and bring it home to enjoy in your vacation cabin away from home? Sleep in a little later and wake up to the scent of liquid energy wafting through the home; those extra minutes of sleep can make all the difference in your vacation energy levels! Contact us today to reserve your own cabin in Gatlinburg!