When vacationing in Gatlinburg, chances are you will want to be outside no matter what season you visit. Our natural landscape offers breathtaking vistas that never cease to please the soul, and even those who live here full time can never get enough of them, from the Great Smoky Mountains standing guard in the background to the Little Pigeon River that flows happily through the area to the beautiful parks designed to maximize your outdoor fun. Because we don’t want you to miss out on a single adventure during your stay in Gatlinburg, we’re offering this list of the most beautiful parks so you can find your favorite Gatlinburg park.


Abandoned Park

Have you ever felt the appeal of structures or places that no longer serve an active purpose? Abandoned warehouses offer photographic opportunities with rusty and broken equipment, the peeling paint and sagging porches on abandoned porches render rustic perfection to their images. Abandoned Gatlinburg Park features that kind of sad beauty that you can’t help but be drawn to. Active in the late 1990s and early 2000s, today the overgrown paths, deserted concrete benches, and dilapidated stone walls offer a dismal enchantment that makes it a perfect spot for adventurers seeking something a little different.


Mynatt Park, 622 Historic Nature Trail

Offering trails that lead through the beauty of the Gatlinburg wilderness, pavilions that are perfect for those looking for a scenic spot to say their wedding vows, and a tranquil stream that leads through the center of the park, allowing children the opportunity to try their hand at catching that night’s dinner, Mynatt Park is a favorite with locals and visitors alike. It’s tree-lined beauty, grassy fields, and occasional wildlife visitors make it the perfect spot for special photoshoots and quiet moments of contemplation.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Saving the best for last, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is more than just a Gatlinburg park; it’s an adventure that will linger in your psyche for years to come! Featuring sweeping views of the mountains and the landscape that surround them, the opportunity to explore this region, which first became a National Park in 1934, should not be missed. Whatever the season, this park is the pride of our state and is the perfect place to experience the beauty of Mother Nature. We can promise that the pictures you take here will be the best you’ve ever taken!


So Much More than a Gatlinburg Park

When the sun sets over the Great Smoky Mountains, signifying it is time to return to your Cabin Rental Store vacation escape, the serenity, peace, and beauty found here will remind you of the Park adventures you experienced earlier in the day. Contact us today to book your rental and discover why your vacation happiness will reach a new level when you stay with us!