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There are Fourth of July fireworks displays all over the country, and if you are planning your vacation around America’s birthday, you may have a hard time deciding on the very best place to celebrate. Gatlinburg, TN not only offers a great pyrotechnic show on Independence Day proper, they also have The Annual Gatlinburg Midnight Parade the night before. The Annual Gatlinburg Midnight Parade begins at Baskins Creek Bypass on the East Parkway, right at midnight. It is considered to be one of the best parades in the country and it draws about 80,000 people every year, so come early!


Many businesses in town participate in the parade. The dinner theaters in town are sure to have a float and you will see many a costumed character. Past parade participants have included a group of police officers putting on a light show by synchronizing the blue lights on their cruisers, The Statue of Liberty riding on a float with first responders and the Shriners riding in a clown car brigade. There have been such interesting floats as Christ on the Cross being stared down by a soldier with a banner that reads, “God shed his grace on thee.”

There are always a lot of detailed cars in the parade, and if you have a car that you are especially proud of, you may want to inquire about participating yourself. As with most large parades, you will see a few helium balloon characters. Many a marching band participates in the parade. You may see synchronized hula hoopers, the National Guard Marching Band, and several flag teams.

The parade ends at Old Dad’s General Store. There will be plenty of souvenirs and neon glow sticks to buy along the way, so bring your wallet. If you want to watch the parade from a lawn chair, make sure to get there early in the morning to secure a good spot.

Where to Stay

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