Whenever you visit Gatlinburg, you will find all kinds of unique attractions found all over the city. Some attractions will take you outside and have you explore countless miles of trails. Others will take you inside to explore unique exhibits. One of the top attractions that you can find in Gatlinburg has been the Gatlinburg Space Needle. Similar to its Seattle counterpart, the Gatlinburg Space Needle is an appropriately named building standing tall in Downtown Gatlinburg. Thousands of visitors step foot inside this unique attraction each year. Take a look at what you can find over at the Gatlinburg Space Needle during your next visit to the area:

Towering Needle in the Sky

When it comes to a building standing tall in the horizon, nothing can quite measure up to the Gatlinburg Space Needle. If you have not seen pictures of this majestic building, it is a tall and thinly shaped building with an observation deck at the top. This iconic landmark stands tall at a height of 407 feet making it the tallest building in the area. The Gatlinburg Space Needle overlooks all of Gatlinburg and the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains. The Gatlinburg Space Needle was erected in 1969 and has remained open every day since then. You can stop by this attraction during any trip you make to Gatlinburg!

Riding to the Top

Part of the unique experience of visiting the Gatlinburg Space Needle is getting to the top observation deck where you can take in 360-degree views of Gatlinburg. Getting up there is a trip in and of itself. Visitors will arrive at the Gatlinburg Space Needle and purchase a general admission pass. Prices start at $15.95 per adult, $9.95 for children ages 4 to 11, and $12.95 for seniors and military service member. If you have a group of 20 or more people you can get special group savings on your admission.

Visitors will ride up the two glass elevators on the property that will take you up several floors to get you to the top. The glass elevators provide a thrilling experience of seeing the city get smaller beneath your feet as you ascend to the observation deck. The top floor where you find the observation deck is where the views are the best. Visitors will find the views to be unparalleled as the rest of Gatlinburg stretches out below you. The Great Smoky Mountains are not far off in the distance showcasing bright green colors and mountain ridges forming the backdrop.

Visitors will also have an overall learning experience with the Higher Learning exhibits. These exhibits feature the history and facts of Gatlinburg and Smoky Mountains. Walk around the exhibit hall to take it all in. Don’t forget to get plenty of pictures in during your time at the top of the observation deck when exploring the Gatlinburg Space Needle!


The Gatlinburg Space Needle is more than just an observation tower for you to reach the top of. The building also features an onsite 25,000 square foot playground that is essentially all your favorite video and redemption games in a single space. You will be able to play your favorite games to win tickets to score some really cool prizes that your children are sure to love. The appropriately named Arcadia is found at the base of the tower and is open daily like the rest of the Gatlinburg Space Needle. This is the biggest selection of amusement games and simulators in all of Gatlinburg. Games can be played by purchasing play cards where you can load specific dollar amounts to use. Visitors can purchase Elite VIP Packages that are perfect for families! These passes feature two adult and two child admissions for the Gatlinburg Space Needle observation deck and four $10 play cards. This is a great way to save on a family trip to the tower!

Iris Theater

Visitors will also find an onsite theatre that features unique shows throughout the year. The Iris Theater is home to the Impossibilities show, a magic show presented by master mentalist and magician Erik Dobell. The show features stunning magic, reality bending mind reading, and a little bit of comedy mayhem here on the stage. The Impossibilities will be presented right in front of your eyes. You can purchase tickets for a show by calling 1-888-482-3330. Don’t miss out on this incredible magic show!

More Fun in Gatlinburg

A visit to the Gatlinburg Space Needle is exactly what you need to see all the possibilities here in Gatlinburg. As you can see, a visit to the needle is more than just going to the top. Book one of our vacation rentals here in Gatlinburg so you can be close to all the excitement.